Mental Jukebox: Week of September 8 – 12

Here’s this week’s buffet of musical delights!

Monday:  Young the Giant “Mind Over Matter”

Easing into Monday gently with the latest offering from local SoCal lads Young the Giant, an indie rock band from Irvine, CA formerly known as The Jakes. Their debut album was classic pop rock infused with indie cred. Their sophomore effort brings them into the progressive (or is that post-prog?) power pop realm. Some critics seem to think the production is a bit grandiose, but no complaints here…as a power pop aficionado I’m quite enjoying their newest release so far.


Tuesday:  Meg Myers “Desire”

I can deny it no longer – this tune has taken up lodging in my head. Can’t decide whether I’m more mesmerized by the vocal delivery of the song, or captivated by the awesome mid century modern 70’s décor in the video. I swear I lived in this house. We had those very same end tables…and maybe those lamps as well. Hey to the plastic upholstery covers…and ohhh, the wood paneling. I kept thinking Natalie Portman meets Fiona Apple (long before I read the numerous reviews comparing Meg Myers to Ms. A). Safe to say the guys won’t mind watching this video. Seriously, the more I hear (and see) this, the more I’m sold on it.


Wednesday:  Griswolds “Beware The Dog”

Still deciding if I have a favorite track from the new U2 album that dropped yesterday….in the meantime, here’s one that’s been relentlessly playing in my inner ear lately. The Griswolds are an indie rock band from Sydney, Australia. “Beware The Dog” is an aural contradiction – the song is bouncy and upbeat, but the lyrics are about losing a friend to drug addiction. “But now you’re f’n crazy..” can be applied to a lot of things though, and there’s a reason this one’s been stuck in my head of late!!  P.S. I just want to point out that Michael Jackson managed to make a fabulously scary/horror video *without* all the blood and gore. Take a tip, boys.  (Sorry if that makes me sound cranky and old-fashioned….but I *like* watching music videos.  Usually.  I’m getting a wee bit weary tho of all the unnecessary blood and violence in the visuals of the songs that I love…even when presented in a somewhat humorous fashion.)


Thursday:  Chad & Jeremy “A Summer Song” (1964)

TBT: Throwing back to 1964 in honor of the British Invasion 50th Anniversary Tour that kicked off this week! “A Summer Song” by Chad and Jeremy peaked at #7 on the U.S. Billboard Chart (#6 in Canada) and spent 14 weeks on the Top 100. Dick Clark (how young he looks here!) rightfully calls it “one of the prettiest songs ever written” in this clip from American Bandstand. The duo had eleven Top 100 hits between 1964-1966….and I’m especially looking forward to hearing this one when the tour reaches the West Coast next week!

Bonus!  Here’s a current live version of the song as you’ll hear it if you go to the show!

Friday:  Fall Out Boy “Centuries”

Here’s something a little bit different to kick off the weekend….the new Fall Out Boy song “Centuries”….as covered by the Minions!! (LOL – I just couldn’t resist! And please tell me y’all do recognize the song they are sampling here). Happy Friday!

OK – now here’s the original version of the song…. new album coming soon!  🙂

Until next time!

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