Mental Jukebox: Week of Sept. 15-19

This week’s batch of aural delights:

Monday: Betty Who “Runaways”

Kicking off this week’s musical discoveries with something upbeat: Australian singer-songwriter Betty Who (born Jessica Anne Newham). Now based in New York, she started writing at the age of 14 and began performing at 16. Earlier this year she had a #1 hit on the Dance Charts called “Somebody Loves You”. Despite the inevitable comparisons to Pink, her sound has also been described as “retro-pop” and as “somebody threw Robyn and Katy Perry in a blender!” I’m pretty picky about dance-pop (not my usual fare) but this is good stuff. Her new album “Take Me When You Go” drops Oct. 7. Not sure which track will be the first “official” single, but this is the tune that caught my ear:

Tuesday: George Ezra “Budapest”

Today’s earworm comes by way of Hertford, England and goes out to my folky friends. George Ezra (Barnett) was signed at age 18 and released his debut album “Wanted on Voyage” in June, following two EPs. Journalists have described him as “bluesy” with a “voice beyond his years”. His musical influences include Bob Dylan, Leadbelly and Woody Guthrie. A Top 5 UK single and Top 40 in many European countries, “Budapest” is currently making it’s way up the US charts.

Wednesday: You+Me “You and Me”

Heard this by chance over the weekend and my immediate reaction was “Wow!! Who is this? Must hear more!!” The folk-and-country flavored harmonies, very reminiscent of Civil Wars, drew me in long before I discovered that “You+Me” was the collaboration project of none other than Pink (aka Alecia Moore or P!nk, if you must) and Dallas Green (of City and Color and Alexisonfire). Pink sings beautifully on her own, but the way her voice blends and harmonizes with Dallas’s is magical. Can’t wait to hear more from this “new” duo! From the album “Rose Ave” which is due out on October 4.

Throwback Thursday: Curiosity Killed The Cat – “Misfit” (1987)

Lost 80’s gem: Curiosity Killed The Cat was a British pop band with a ‘soulful, jazzy funk’ sound, one of many British bands to invade the US in the late 80’s. They had several hits on the UK charts from 1986 until 1993, but this was their lone U.S. hit in 1987. The video for “Misfit” features a cameo by Andy Warhol, making a visual reference to Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” video. The band briefly reformed in the 2000’s for a performance on BBC1. Had to step outside of YouTube to find a link to this one!

Friday: Cobra Starship “Never Been In Love”

Happy Friday!  Giving an “all in the family” shout out  for the new Cobra Starship song “Never Been In Love” featuring Icona Pop, which was released in late August.  (For those not in the know, Cobra Starship features Victoria Asher, daughter of British Invasion legend Peter Asher, with whom we have had the pleasure of working with as a client over the past several years). The song is “90s retro” (never mind the difficulty I have in putting those two words in the same sentence) and samples Fatboy Slim’s “Praise You” — in case you were wondering why it sounds so familiar!



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