About Mental Jukebox


The best part of my career in radio and records was the ability to discover good music and tell others about it. Whether it’s due to all the changes in the industry (no more record stores, fragmented radio formats) or just the fact that we’re older now and have too many “adult” responsibilities, many of us no longer have quite as much time or ability to discover new music, and it makes me sad to think of all the great bands that we might be missing.

It’s typical for people tend to prefer the music of their own generation. But I’ve always been interested in hearing what’s new, and taking the time to seek it out.   I’ve been doing that more often of late, with the result that my head has turned into a mental jukebox of sorts. Certain songs seem to keep playing on repeat – which is usually the mark of a good song. So I’ve decided to start sharing. I know a lot of people who are into music and might be more inclined to check out new bands if someone could just make it easier for them to do so.

I’ve often thought about doing a full-on music blog but never had the time to devote to it. Doing “Mental Jukebox” (which originated as brief daily posts on Facebook) gives me the opportunity to share tunes that catch my ear, as well as a place to bookmark those songs and bands for future reference. When I put those daily references together in a weekly format-voila!  I have a blog.  Combining those posts and sharing them here also allows me to include just a little more info about each band or song than Facebook gives me room for. And it allows me to combine new up-and-coming acts with established hits (that my older friends might have missed) as well as some fun “Throwback Thursday” tunes – which are older songs that my younger friends might not be familiar with. Win-win!

Most importantly (to me!) it gives me the incentive to continue seeking out new music to share.  If you have any suggestions for bands I should be checking out for possible inclusion here, I happily welcome all recommendations!


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