March 2018 Music Picks

Vance Joy “Saturday Sun”

Probably my favorite Vance Joy song since his debut with “Riptide” – “Saturday Sun” is so light, breezy and upbeat that it feels like the ideal ‘summer song’ …although for most folks enduring winter right now, a bit of sunshine surely won’t go amiss. From his second studio album “Nation of Two” released in February.


Anderson East “Girlfriend”

Is it the horns, the bass line, the distinctive vocal style, the piano & synth riffs, the provocative lyrics, that make this such an ear-catcher? Probably all of the above – the talented Anderson East weaves a killer bit of sonic fabric with the southern blue-eyed soul pop flavored “Girlfriend”. The more I hear this one, the more brilliant it sounds. From his new album “Encore” released in January.


Nothing But Thieves “Broken Machine”

Loving this band more with every song they release. The bouncy bass line/drum intro, the driving riffs, the pure-to-passionate vocal delivery, the punctuation and crescendo of strings – these disparate elements are brilliantly fused in this title track from Nothing But Thieves’ “Broken Machine” released in September 2017. The song has been solidly stuck in my head for the past couple of weeks–and these guys are the top of my current “must see live” list.


Superorganism “Everybody Wants To Be Famous”

Superorganism is a pop collective of young folks from all corners of the globe (Japan, New Zealand, Australia, US and UK) who met online and are now based in London. It seems appropriate that their fun new tune “Everybody Wants To Be Famous” is a sparkly and effervescent synth-pop ode to the rise and fall of Internet fame. Their highly anticipated debut album was released on March 2, 2018.


Vaccines “I Can’t Quit”

Highly acclaimed English indie band The Vaccines are back with “I Can’t Quit”, the first single from their forthcoming album “Combat Sports”. Heralded as a “raw rock” band known for their short, punchy tunes, this tune is true to the form of their early days – both simple and infectious. The full album is due out March 30th.

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