July 2016 Music Picks Pt. 2

Paper Route “Laugh About It”

Paper Route is an alt-indie rock band from Nashville formed in 2004, with two previous albums and an EP under their belt. The  band has toured extensively with other groups like Paramore, Imagine Dragons, and Passion Pit and had their music featured on TV shows such as Vampire Diaries.  Their new single “Laugh About It”, which attempts to brightly shrug off the dreary realities of everyday life, has an immediate appeal in its original, refreshing yet somehow familiar sound.  You’ll quickly find yourself singing along to this irresistible toe-tapping melody.



The Head and the Heart “All We Ever Knew”

Seattle indie folk band “The Head and the Heart” have dropped a new single called “All We Ever Knew” that is rapidly climbing up the charts in several genres, including alternative and rock.   “All We Ever Knew” pulls you quickly in with its beautiful melodies and gorgeous vocal harmonization highlighted with piano, guitar and violin.  The song’s sunny “la la la’s” and happy uptempo beat stand in contrast to the more wistful and somber lyrics.  The new album “Signs of Light” is scheduled for release on September 9th.



The Kills “Doing It To Death”

The Kills are an indie rock band formed by American singer Alison Mosshart (aka “VV”) and British guitarist Jamie Hince (aka “Hotel”).  These long-time industry veterans released their 5th album “Ash & Ice” on June 3rd after a 5-year absence during which Mosshart collaborated with Jack White in the band The Dead Weather.  The album’s hypnotic lead track “Doing It To Death” is a brooding, sultry blues rock delight that “pulsates along with thumping bass and bubbling mellotron notes”.  You don’t want to miss hearing this one!



Nothing But Thieves “Wake Up Call”

Technically “Wake Up Call” was the first single from UK alt-rock quintet Nothing But Thieves back in 2014, but it didn’t start getting serious airplay on the Alternative charts here until after their track “Trip Switch” hit #1 on the US alternative charts (and #6 on the rock charts) last year.  Since then the band has garnered much acclaim for its “dynamic combination of sharp songwriting, moody atmosphere and masterful production” along with singer Connor Mason’s “emotionally raw, angelic” vocals. Their self-titled debut album, which was just released this past February in the U.S., also inspired a host of glowing adjectives from reviewers, from “atmospheric, hypnotic and evocative” to “unexpected, powerful, and majestic”.



Holy White Hounds “Switchblade” 

Hailing from Des Moines, Iowa, the Holy White Hounds conjure up shades of 90s rock, most notably Beck and Queens of the Stone Age.  Their debut single “Switchblade” features an interesting song structure that takes it beyond the standard “rock” category (they describe their sound as “feral alt-rock”).  Lead vocalist/guitarist Brenton Dean delivers a laid-back vocal drawl punctuated by pulsing electronics and bursts of guitar, while the song is driven by an infectious and captivating bass line.   The band’s debut album “Sparkle Sparkle” was released in early May 2016.



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