May 2016 Music Picks

Bob Moses “Tearing Me Up”

Loved this one on first listen and now I can’t get enough! Bob Moses is an electronic duo from Vancouver, Canada (now residing in New York) that released their debut EP in 2012. Two other EPs preceded their first full-length album, released this year. “Days Gone By” is a lush, moody offering that straddles the line between rock/pop and EDM/house. The single “Tearing Me Up” pairs a groovy bass line with sultry, atmospheric vocals that pull you in and leave you wanting more. The band has been booked at several major festivals this year, including Coachella, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo.


The Struts “Kiss This” (Live on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

Had these guys (and this song) on my Best of 2015 list last year..but couldn’t resist sharing this anyway. Top of my current “want to see live” list: The Struts!


Wild Belle “Throw Down Your Guns”

 Wild Belle is a Chicago-based band known for its incorporation of reggae and ska grooves into a psychedelic pop sound. The band is comprised of Elliot and Natalie Bergman, siblings born into a musical family. Their debut album “Isles” was released in 2013. The follow up, “Dreamland”, features “a set of moody, groove-oriented songs with a deeper emotional impact”. The single “Throw Down Your Guns” started as a love song that morphed into a compelling yet peaceful protest against gun violence. In keeping with the band’s signature mixing of influences, the song incorporates elements of hip-hop with backing vocals by the Chicago Children’s Choir.


Temper Trap “Fall Together”

One of my latest faves: Australian band Temper Trap is back on the scene with their third album due to be released on June 10th. Best known in the U.S. for their 2009 hit “Sweet Disposition” (from their debut album “Conditions”), the band has won numerous awards in their native Australia, including Best Group and Best Rock Album in 2010. Their eponymous 2nd album in 2012 was an experimental diversion, but “Thick as Thieves” sees the band returning to their traditional rock roots. The gorgeous new single “Fall Together” speaks of a tangled love-hate relationship, and has been described by critics as a “triumphant electronic rock opus”.


Weezer “King of the World”

I’m quite fond of the band Weezer, but their last couple of offerings haven’t particularly resonated with me. So I’m thrilled to say that their newest single “King of the World” was a pretty instant ‘hit’ in my book (and on the charts) with its feel good pop sing-a-long chorus, and that instantaneously memorable classic Weezer sound. From their tenth LP “The White Album” (no, not that one) which hit stores on April 1. No fooling.

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