April 2016 Music Picks Pt. 1

POP Etc. “What Am I Becoming?”

It’s fun to discover that a new band you like is really an old local band you liked. POP Etc. is an indie rock band from Berkeley California, formerly known as The Morning Benders. Their new album Souvenir took three years to make but feels worth the wait. Described as “polished anthem-pop” with a sprinkling of other genre influences (that would be the “Etc”), the new single features a funky bass line, appealing harmonies, and a catchy chorus that keeps you coming back for more.


Run River North “Run Or Hide”

Another locally-based band with a former incarnation (Monsters Calling Home), Run River North is a Korean-American indie folk-rock sextet currently residing in California’s San Fernando Valley. The band released a self-titled debut in 2014, and their new album “Drinking from a Salt Pond” was released in February 2016. The infectious new single “Run and Hide” is a foray into alternative rock that shifts between reflective and emotionally charged intensity, as it explores the dichotomy of fear, and the choice between fighting or giving in.


Bishop  (aka Bishop Briggs)  “Wild Horses” / “The River”

The artist known as Bishop was born in London to Scottish parents, but grew up living in Japan and Hong Kong. She currently resides in Los Angeles. You may have heard the song “Wild Horses” in an Acura commercial in late 2015. Her new track “The River” was released in early 2016. There’s not a lot of information available about this intriguing new artist yet, but the music, with its folky trip-hop vibe and sultry vocals, really speaks for itself. I couldn’t decide between these two outstanding tracks, so do yourself a huge favor and check them both out:


Dreamers “Drugs”

Not sure how far tongue-in-cheek this song is (is it a celebration of intoxicants, addiction to technology, or just a poke at millennials?), but regardless of what the message might be, the song is just SO damn catchy it’s impossible to resist. I dare you not to sing along after a couple of listens. Dreamers are an American band from Brooklyn (by way of Seattle). I loved their 2014 song “Wolves” so it’s great to see them back with such a strong follow up.


Atlas Genius “Stockholm”

Atlas Genius is a band that consistently serves up a great sound, from their debut single Trojans in 2011 to “Molecules”, which made my favorites list of 2015. The Australian alt-rock group led by brothers Keith and Michael Jeffery, continues that trend with the new single from their second album “Inanimate Objects”. From its quiet intro to the anthemic chorus and climactic rock n’ roll finish, “Stockholm” delivers the goods once again.


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