March 2016 Music Picks

Walk The Moon “Work This Body”

I loved Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance” so much that I didn’t think it was possible for them to release another song that rivaled it. But they’ve proven me wrong with this one. It feels a little bit like cheating to feature a “new” song from an album that came out in 2014, but this energetic feel-good pep song is just too much fun to pass up!


Kaleo “Way Down We Go”

The uniquely emotive vocals and bluesy feel of “Way Down We Go” by Icelandic indie pop/rock/folk band Kaleo easily captured my ear on first listen. Formed in 2012, they made their US debut at SXSW last year. Singer Jökull Júlíusson delivered an earlier acoustic-sounding track (“All The Pretty Girls”) in light falsetto tones; this follow up offers a stark contrast in vocal style and illustrates the band’s diversity. Their music has been featured on several TV shows to date. Take a spin through a few of their tunes on YouTube or Spotify. Start here…and if you like this one, be sure to check out “I Can’t Go On Without You” as well.


Disturbed “The Sound Of Silence”

Interesting new interpretation of a Simon & Garfunkel classic from Disturbed, a heavy metal band from Chicago. Delivered with intensity by vocalist David Draiman, who joined the band in 1996. Love it or hate it. Or simply appreciate that this makes one of the greatest songs ever written relevant to a whole new generation of music lovers.


Tame Impala “The Less I Know The Better”

Tame Impala’s 3rd release from the 2015 “Currents” album has taken up residence in my brain this month. “The Less I Know The Better” is a hypnotic swirl of vocals layered over a subtle yet funky bass riff. Combining a blissed-out melody with lyrics of heartbreak, this psych-rock/highbrow pop band led by the talented Kevin Parker grabs you by the ear and slowly but surely infiltrates your mind.


Throwback Thursday: Damn Yankees “High Enough”

Throwback Thursday! Caught this one on VH1 Classic the other day and it dredged up a deluge of long forgotten memories. I remember the song, but I’m not sure I’d ever seen the video before. It’s a true 90s classic from Damn Yankees – i.e Night Ranger’s Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw of Styx – along with Ted Nugent. Wild. This rock ballad reached #3 on the US Hot 100 chart and appeared on several film soundtracks.


The 1975 “The Sound”

OK I confess – I’m just enjoying the hell out of this so-called “frivolous bubblegum” British band and their cheeky, often humorous and highly danceable synth-pop. Seems appropriate for a Friday. 🙂 The 1975 (incidentally one of my favorite years in music) face their critics head-on in this video for “The Sound”, simultaneously proving that their catchy 2015 hit “Love Me” was no fluke. Listening to this fun band always leaves me wanting to hear more!

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