Mental Jukebox Best of 2015 Countdown: #15-11

Monday (#15): 21 Pilots “Stressed Out” / “Tear In My Heart”

Another twofer here because I couldn’t decide between these two great tracks. I love a good genre-bending band and 21 Pilots (from Columbus, Ohio) does an amazing job of seamlessly blending elements of pop, rap, hip-hop, rock, dance, and even tropical/reggae, with lyrics that occasionally venture into the profound. “Stressed Out” and “Tear In My Heart” from the album Blurryface (released in May 2015) reached #1 and #2 on the charts respectively.


Tuesday (#14): The Arcs “Outta My Mind”

The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach has pulled together a collection of seasoned musicians with impressive resumes for his side project, The Arcs. “Outta My Mind”, from the Yours, Dreamily album released in September 2015, is a psychedelic garage rock-pop tune that evokes the feel of a 60s-retro James Bond theme, along with being a possible commentary on life/success in the music business. It’s also been described as a “slinky rock tune with a soul-noir vibe”. Whatever you call it, it’s worth a listen!


Wednesday (#13): Robert DeLong “Don’t Wait Up”

I sang the praises of Robert DeLong in an article back in 2014. ( A fresh, innovative artist with a compelling live show that combines EDM/dance and indie pop-rock, Robert DeLong finally dropped his new album in September 2015. “Don’t Wait Up” was the first single from In The Cards, an album which takes an even deeper dive into the sub-genres, and was more than worth the wait.


Thursday (#12): New Politics “Girl Crush” / “West End Kids”

Another two-fer! New Politics is a Danish rock band from Copenhagen, currently living in New York. Vikings is their third album, and features the hit singles “West End Kids” and “Girl Crush”. The band is known for their energetic stage presence, and here they serve up catchy, punky dance/pop/rock tunes accompanied by videos with a heavy side dose of humor, and a fun collection of cameos from sonic contemporaries like Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. Enjoy!


Friday (#11): Young Guns “I Want Out”

Young Guns are an English alternative rock band  who released their first EP in 2009. I may be cheating a little on this one as the anthem-rock tune “I Want Out” was first released in 2014, and went straight to #1 on the iTunes chart — but it went to radio later, and the album Ones and Zeroes wasn’t released until June 2015. At any rate, I love it too much to leave it out! “All we are is leaves in the wind…and all of our moments pass us by before they begin….all we are is breath against the glass…just like the ashes of a fire fading fast….” ❤


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