Mental Jukebox: Best of 2015 Countdown (#35-31)

Continuing with the Best of 2015 Countdown:

Monday (#35): The Maine “English Girls”

The Maine are an American rock band from Tempe Arizona that have been around since 2007. “American Candy” is their fifth studio album, released in March 2015. The single “English Girls” debuted at #17 on the iTunes Alternative Chart, with a very poppy, upbeat vibe that “contrasts sharply with its slower, darker predecessor, but hails back to the band’s more carefree beginnings”. The AltPress review stated “There’s not a single bad song on this album”…and although I’ve only heard a handful of the tracks, so far, I’m inclined to agree.


Tuesday (#34): A Silent Film “Tomorrow”

A Silent Film are an English alt-rock band from Oxford that released their debut album in 2008. They’ve been compared to the likes of Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Keane and the Killers. (Personally, I hear the latter more than the former, but those of you who know my musical tastes will not be surprised that I latched onto this band!) They’ve got that touch-of-80s feel – a big sound, full of beautiful harmonies/melodies that leave me completely dumbfounded as to why they aren’t already sitting at the top of the charts. “Tomorrow” is the first single from their eponymous 2nd full-length album, released in October 2015.


Wednesday (#33): Panic! At The Disco “Hallelujah”/”Victorious”

So great to see Brendon Urie’s Panic! At the Disco back on the charts again. “Hallelujah” is the bands highest charting (and arguably the best) single since their platinum Top 10 hit “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” in 2006. A child of the MTV era, I truly appreciate an artist who strives for the magic triad of being visually, lyrically AND sonically entertaining – and Urie rarely disappoints in that regard. The new album “Death Of a Bachelor” (which has already spawned an equally jubilant second hit, “Victorious”) will be available in January 2016.



Thursday (#32): Matt & Kim “Get It”

Matt & Kim are an American alt-dance/indie-pop duo from New York, formed in 2004 – so they’ve been around a while. Not sure how “Get It” first caught my ear but it definitely got its hooks in me. In addition to the general catchiness, I admire a track that can incorporate a variety of beats and melodies and end up sounding like several different songs at once. Apparently it’s a bit of a departure from their past “DIY” sound, but this fun little romp managed to climb to #25 on the US Alt Chart in 2015.


Friday (#31): Death Cab For Cutie “Ghosts of Beverly Drive”/”Black Sun”

This is one of those bands I always feel like I should appreciate more than I have to date, possibly because they’ve been doing this for almost 20 years now – a significant accomplishment in today’s music biz. This second single from Death Cab for Cutie’s 8th studio album ‘Kintsugi’ (a style of Japanese art where broken ceramics are repaired using resin mixed with precious metals) has become a frequent earworm of late. Props to its predecessor “Black Sun” as well.


More to come!

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