Mental Jukebox: Week of December 22-26 (2014 Year End Countdown Pt 2 of 3)

Monday: #7 – Meghan Trainor “All About That Bass”

MJ Top 10 of 2014: #7 should come as no surprise. Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” was one of the most fun, pervasive and memorable tunes of the year. Also one of the most parodied, often to hilarious effect (check them out on YouTube, you’ll be busy for hours). Here’s the original. We’ll be singing this one for a long time to come.


Tuesday: #6 – Big Data “Dangerous”

MJ Top 10 of 2014: #6 is from Big Data, a US electronic music project by
producer Alan Wilkis, featuring the New York band Joywave. This song hit #1 in August and was another early contributor to the formation of the Mental Jukebox blog as I could NOT get this song out of my head. If one version isn’t enough for ya, the EP 1.5 contains no less than eight remixes.


Wednesday: #5 – Foster The People “Best Friend”

MJ Top 10 of 2014: Foster the People is at #5. As predicted the song “Best Friend” held on to its favored status long enough to make my year-end Top 10! Released as the third single from the “Supermodel” album, the video reflects society’s struggle with body image issues (oh the horror!) Frontman Mark Foster previously worked as a it any wonder the tune is so catchy? Not to mention that it’s a great song to send out to all my friends on this lovely Christmas Eve. Happy Holidays!


Throwback Thursday: Elton John “Step Into Christmas” (1973)

Just in case anyone’s actually hanging out reading blog posts on this Christmas Day, here’s a Throwback Thursday Christmas tune for you! Originally from 1973, this song remains one of my very favorite “contemporary” Christmas carols!


Friday: #4: Arctic Monkeys “Do I Wanna Know”

MJ Top 10 of 2014: #4 comes from English rock band Arctic Monkeys.
Technically this song was released in 2013, but seeing as it topped the
Alternative Charts for the entire first quarter of 2014, I feel justified in
putting my first favorite song of the year in my year-end Top 10! Here’s a
little So-Cal trivia: “Do I Wanna Know” was played live for the first time
right here in Ventura, CA as the opening number on the band’s AM Tour.

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