Mental Jukebox: Week of November 24-28

Monday: The Script “Superheroes”

Can’t get enough of the Brits! Personal faves The Script are an Irish pop-rock band who debuted in 2008. Their music has been featured in a number of popular TV programs. Frontman Danny O’Donoghue was a coach on The Voice UK for two seasons. Danny and musical partner Mark Sheehan lived in LA for a while, writing and producing for Britney Spears, Boys II Men, TLC and others, but eventually moved back to Dublin. The Script have released four albums to date, all of which have been #1 on the UK charts and received multiple Gold and Platinum certifications. “Superheroes” is the lead single from the album “No Sound Without Silence” which was released in September 2014.

Tuesday: Frankie Ballard “Sunshine and Whiskey”

Yeah..I have a confession to make. I’ve been listening to country radio more often lately, and this song is to blame. With my radio set to “scan” while driving, it catches me every time. In 2008 Frankie Ballard won Kenny Chesney’s “Next Big Star” competition, and an opening slot on Kenny’s Michigan shows. He released his debut album in 2011, which had two Top 40 singles. ‘Sunshine & Whiskey’ is the title track to Frankie Ballard’s second album and the second track from that album to hit #1 on the country charts.

Wednesday : Ed Sheeran “Thinking Out Loud”

This incredibly talented, prolific and hard-working British singer-songwriter surely deserved a mention long before now…but he’s hard to keep up with! Ed Sheeran’s list of credits, collaborations, hits and award nominations are already too numerous to list. His current music video “Thinking Out Loud” from the album “x” (as in “multiply) features a beautifully artistic ballroom dance routine with Brittany Cherry, and the song has a soulful groove that is highly reminiscent of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”.

Throwback Thursday: Andrew Gold “Thank You For Being a Friend”

The perfect Thanksgiving Throwback Thursday tune from Andrew Maurice Gold – born in Burbank, CA. Gold was a multi-instrumentalist, playing over a dozen instruments from accordion to ukulele, as well as being a producer, sound engineer, composer, actor and painter. He played with nearly everyone: Neil Diamond, Leo Sayer, Freddie Mercury, Paul McCartney, Roy Orbison, Don Henley, the list goes on and on, but perhaps most notably he was part of Linda Ronstadt’s band from 1973-1977, playing most of the instruments on her breakthrough “Heart Like A Wheel” album, plus the next four. He continued to work with Linda into the 1990s. He also had three chart hits of his own, including the Top 10 “Lonely Boy” – and this one in 1978. Happy Thanksgiving… and thank YOU for being a friend!

Friday: Pitbull “Fireball”

Yeah, this song is a guilty pleasure…I like the way it pays tribute to “The Mask” (my personal favorite Jim Carrey movie) with Cuban rhythms and special effects that those familiar with the film will easily recognize. Not my usual fare but the catchy feel-good dance hook draws me in. Singer-songwriter John Ryan offers up an almost bluesy refrain that provides a nice complement to the rest of the song. Says Idolator: “Pitbull is coming for your dignity yet again with another extremely catchy single that you’ll blast on high volume when no one else is around.” Truth.

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