Mental Jukebox: Week of October 13-17

Monday: The Cure “Hello Goodbye”

Coming off a long weekend spent working the “Fest for Beatles Fans” in LA, this feels like a highly appropriate Jukebox entry for Monday.  From the forthcoming The Art of McCartney, featuring the music of Paul McCartney performed by “the world’s greatest artists”, including Brian Wilson, Roger Daltry, Barry Gibb, Billy Joel, Jeff Lynne and many more — this fun and fairly faithful rendition of the classic Beatles song “Hello Goodbye” by The Cure is their first release in six years, and features Paul’s son James on keyboards. Visit the Facebook page at for more cool videos from the project, which will be available in full on November 18th!


Tuesday: Banks “Beggin’ For Thread”

Banks (aka Jillian Rose Banks) is a singer-songwriter from Orange County, California who began writing songs at the age of 15. Her sound is described alternately as neo-R&B or indie-pop. “Beggin’ For Thread” is a moody, house-inspired tune delivered in a breathy croon that pulls you in and leaves you wanting more. With two EP’s released in 2013, over a dozen media outlets have tagged her as an “artist to watch.” In 2014 she received award nominations from MTV and the BBC. Lauryn Hill and Fiona Apple are cited among her main influences, and comparisons range from Feist to Erykah Badu. Her highly anticipated debut album Goddess was released September 9th.

 Wednesday: Bryan Ferry “Loop De Li”

Can’t stop listening to this new Bryan Ferry song!! With Ferry’s signature enigmatic vocals, and a funky new-wave groove embellished with jazzy sax highlights, the new single “Loop De Li” feels like it would fit quite comfortably nestled in the midst of the classic 80s Roxy Music catalog. Ferry’s new album Avonmore is scheduled for November 17th, and will feature a host of guest talent including Johnny Marr, Flea, Niles Rodgers, Mark Knopfler, Ronnie Spector and more. Reviewers are calling the album a “return to the lush, swirling sound of Ferry’s golden days.” Can’t wait!!

Throwback Thursday: Scritti Politti “Perfect Way” (1985)

British pop band Scritti Politti (the name, with a slight misspelling, means “Political Writings”) had a major US hit with this tune, arguably one of the best (dare I say ‘perfect’?) songs of the era, in 1985. The song was even covered by Miles Davis in 1986, and became a part of his live repertoire. Scritti Politti had numerous UK hits between 1978-1999, and their 2006 album was nominated for a Mercury award. Frontman Green Gartside remains very active in music, and tours with revamped incarnations of the band, including a 2014 tour with Manic Street Preachers.

Friday: Kongos “I’m Only Joking”

Kongos are one of my favorite ‘new’ bands. Four brothers from Arizona by way of South Africa, sons of Johannesburg singer-songwriter John Kongos, who had a successful career in the UK and Europe during the 60s-70s. This single took a little longer to grab me than its predecessor (which clicked instantly) but I love the tribal beats and hypnotic half-step drone of the melody. Got a kick out of the You Tube comments: “Sounds like Queens of the Stone Age had a baby with Muse!” Ha!

Until next time..!


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