Mental Jukebox: Week of September 22-26

Monday: Chet Faker “Gold”

Monday’s jukebox features Chet Faker (aka Nick Murphy – he took his stage name as an homage to jazz great Chet Baker)– an Australian electronic musician who grew up listening to his father’s collection of chill/lounge and vocal jazz. He previously played with a band called “Sunday Kicks”, and the electronic dance/duo “Knicks”. His solo career launched with a cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity”, which was featured in a 2013 Superbowl commercial. An EP titled “Thinking in Textures” followed, bringing several awards including “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” and “Best Independent Release”. His debut album “Built on Glass” was released in April 2014 and debuted at #1 on the Australian charts. The video for the single “Gold” features some fairly impressive choreographed rollerskating. Chet is currently on tour in the U.S., including an upcoming date in San Francisco on October 18th.


Tuesday: Walk The Moon “Shut Up and Dance”

Playing in the mental jukebox today: New music from Walk The Moon – an alternative rock band based in Cincinnati, Ohio, formed in 2008. Best remembered for their breakthrough hit “Anna Sun”, a song that made many year-end “best of” charts in 2012, they have been described as a “poppy, art-rock quartet” with “infectious guitar riffs and sing-along choruses.” The band reportedly drew inspiration for their upcoming as yet untitled new album from the music of the 80’s, including guitarist Johnny Marr’s work with The Smiths. The debut single “Shut Up and Dance” is a power pop delight about a ‘whimsical love affair on the dance floor’.


Wednesday: Glass Animals “Gooey”

Heading back across the pond for this mid-week offering from Oxford-based UK band Glass Animals. Their debut album “Zaba” features psychedelic indie-pop laced with subtle electronic influences, characterized by “tropical percussion and jungle timbres”. This “weird, psychedelic cocktail of electronic and organic sound” was achieved by recording a variety of ambient and percussive noises, including animals in a nearby field and sounds made by cooking utensils. The single “Gooey” has a dreamy, hypnotic quality that lures you into its “peanut butter vibes”. Give a listen!


Throwback Thursday: David Dundas “Jeans On”

Throwing back to the 70’s with a fun bit: David Dundas (aka Lord David Paul Nicholas Dundas – son of the 3rd Marquess of Zetland) scored a hit on the rock charts in 1977 with this tune, which started life as a TV commercial for Brutus Jeans (“Brutus” became “blue” for the single). The song was later sampled by Fatboy Slim for his 2006 track “Sho Nuff” – which was also used in a TV ad. In his native UK, David is both musician and actor, having appeared in several TV series from 1968-1986. He also has numerous credits for film and television scoring through the late ‘90s.


Friday: Alt-J “Left Hand Free”

 Alt-J is an indie rock band that hails from Leeds, England. Their sophomore album “This Is All Yours” just dropped this week. The band’s name derives from a Mac keyboard shortcut which produces the delta sign “∆” – traditionally used to indicate “change” or “difference”. An apt symbol for this band, given the unexpected variations and diversity of sound in their music. This song is probably their most accessible single to date – with just the right laid-back funky groove to kick the weekend off right. Happy Friday!

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