Mental Jukebox: Week of August 25-29

So here’s what’s been rattling around in my head this week:

Monday:  Meghan Trainor/Home Free “All About That Bass”

Like Every Woman, I have been digging Meghan Trainor‘s “All About That Bass”…and yeah, now it’s stuck in my head!   But I’m posting a slightly different version of it here…because this ‘countrified’ harmonized version from a cappella band and Sing-Off champs Home Free just blew me away!  Plus it’s kind of cool to hear the song sung from the male perspective as well.  OK, I confess…one version is just not enough for this song.  Here’s BOTH versions.  Too much fun….turn it up LOUD!!!

Tuesday:  Waters “Go To My Head”

Hailing from my former home base (San Francisco Bay Area) Waters is the project of Van Pierszalowski, former lead singer of the SF band Port O’Brien. This catchy indie-folky-rock tune will go to your head and take up residence there in no time! Catch them in LA on Sept 10, San Diego on Sept 11, Salt Lake on Oct 14, Denver on Oct 16 and back home at the Fox Theatre in Oakland on Nov. 21. (PS it’s “GO” not “Got… darned YouTube typos..)


Wednesday:  Saint Raymond “I Want You”

St. Lucia, St. Paul….gee, there are a lot of “saints” on the musical scene these days it seems! Here’s one more. Saint Raymond aka Callum Burrows is a singer-songwriter from Nottingham, UK. “I Want You” is a catchy upbeat indie pop song with a slight reggae feel…a perfect (albeit slightly late) addition to your summer soundtrack! Saint Raymond has been tapped to open for Ed Sheeran on his upcoming UK fall tour.


Throwback Thursday:  Little River Band “Lady” (1978)

Yeah, so…this came up on my iPod yesterday.  Some songs are irretrievably linked to certain events in our lives.  Only a small handful of people will understand this, but I’m sending this one out to Johann, wherever you are.  Because I will apparently never EVER hear this song again without thinking of you.  Lest anyone mistake this for a romantic reference, let me say only that Johann was perhaps best described as an interpretive dance instructor–possibly from Germany or Austria, I’m not really certain–who spent roughly a week with our high school choir class.  Why, I’m not quite sure.  It was an offbeat experience that still baffles me a bit, but this song is now forever a conduit that takes me straight back.  So here’s to lasting impressions.

Friday:  Dotan “Home”

This song kept catching my ear because I swear it has a bit of a Celtic feel. But Dotan Harpenau is a prolific Dutch singer-songwriter…and multi-instrumentalist, and producer…he was born in Jerusalem but grew up in Amsterdam. Known to many on the European scene since his 2011 debut there, US audiences are finally getting some exposure to this talented musician.


Until next week!  What’s stuck in YOUR head?

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