Mental Jukebox: Week of August 18-22, 2014

Monday: Duke Dumont “Won’t Look Back”

I remember a trip to the UK where the radio airwaves seemed saturated with electronic/house music. The Brits apparently still love their dance/techno!! From the UK new release charts, this jolt of musical caffeine from Grammy nominated DJ/producer Duke Dumont will get you up and moving with a great old school vibe. Good morning!!

Tuesday: Knox Hamilton “Work It Out”

I’ll be seeing these guys next month (along with Colony House) at The Satellite in LA – 2 for 1, yay! They’re also playing Colorado/Utah in early September. The band hails from Little Rock, Arkansas with a mix of eclectic musical tastes from dance to folk. This track was love at first listen, from the introductory bells that build into catchy riffs and sweeping melodies. Can’t wait to see them live!


Wednesday: St. Paul and the Broken Bones “Call Me”

Read about these guys a while ago, they’ve been on my “list of bands to check out”. Now I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner. Wow. Words fail….but the music speaks. This is a MUST-HEAR band!! Couldn’t decide which video to use (there’s a newer version) but I think I like this one best. Just do yourself a favor – get on over to YouTube and watch them all!!

Throwback Thursday: Rodger Hodgson “Had A Dream” (Sleeping With The Enemy)

Listening to Supertramp earlier this week, I was reminded of this solo venture from lead vocalist Rodger Hodgson. The song is from 1984 (good heavens, 30 years ago already), but the lyrics sadly remain ever so relevant today:

“Had a dream, it was war
And they couldn’t tell me what it was for
But it was something they could lie about
Something we can cry about, you know…”


Friday: Hozier “Take Me To Church”

When I first heard Hozier, probably the last thing I imagined him being was *Irish*. But he is! This is an oldie (and former #1) for most of my UK friends, now it’s America’s turn to discover Andrew Hozier-Byrne. Formerly with the avant-garde Dublin group Nova Collective, and lead vocalist with the Trinity Orchestra, his debut solo album comes to us on September 19th. Fabulous song, great lyrics, and what a voice!! And he’s playing in LA on my birthday!

Until next week!  What’s been playing in YOUR head lately??

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