Mental Jukebox: Week of August 11-15, 2014

Here are this week’s Mental Jukebox selections!

Monday: Foster The People “Best Friend”

Jumpstarting the Jukebox for Monday with one I’m sure many have already heard..a song that will likely make my “Best of 2014” list! I know they’ve been compared to MGMT, but can anyone tell me why I flashback on Earth Wind & Fire when listening to this?? Is a particular song riff I’m hearing? Just the overall vibe? Maybe it’s the ‘celestial beams’… Happy Monday – hopefully listening to this will help you start it off right!

Tuesday: Sarah McLachlan “Angel” (1998)

It’s too early for Throwback Thursday, but this is the song in my head today. I heard it yesterday morning but had no idea how prophetic it would be.   The world lost a great talent yesterday with the untimely departure of the much-loved comic/actor Robin Williams. As always, music says it best. Goodbye Robin, I hope you’re entertaining the angels now. May you find some comfort there.

Wednesday: Colony House “Silhouettes”

Today’s Jukebox Selection:   New earworm from Tennessee indie rockers Colony House. VERY excited to have picked up tickets to their show at The Satellite in LA next month!!! Check out their website at for lots more U.S. Tour Dates….catch them if you can! Describing the song in their own words… “Silhouettes is a reminder to not allow the dark moments in life to overshadow all the beautiful ones…”   Timely advice.

Thursday: The Other Ones “Holiday” (1987)

What a week. Too many losses, too much tragedy in the news. I think we need something a little upbeat?  Throwing back to 1987 for this near-forgotten gem by Australian-born siblings Alf, Jayney and Johnny Klimek, who moved to Berlin and connected with three German musicians to form The Other Ones. Signed to Virgin in 1984, this became one of the first records to be released on the Virgin label in the U.S., and made it into the U.S. Top 30 in 1987.   We all need a holiday.   Hang on, Friday’s comin…..

Friday: St. Lucia “Elevate”

I’ve had this one stuck in my head for a couple of weeks now. From indie pop musician St. Lucia aka Jean-Philip Grobler. (I can’t help thinking, “No man is an island!” – with all respect to John Donne.) Born in South Africa but based in Brooklyn, St. Lucia offers up a breezy electronic synth-pop summer vibe perfect for kicking off a warm mid-August weekend. Enjoy!

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